Put a lid on it

Cellar in Slate

We like to listen. Following many requests for a lidded vessel we’re delighted to introduce you to The Cellar.

Cellar in Orange and Blossom on Terrazzo
Cellar in Slate, Yellow, Sand, Wasabi and Blue on an Orange block

The Cellar is an essential item for the home chef. Our version comes with a delicate lid and lets you pinch or spoon just the right amount of your favourite salt, spice or condiment. Perfectly versatile, the Cellar can also be used to store delicate jewellery or enjoyed as a piece of playful sculpture.

Cellar in Yellow
Cellar in Ash
Cellar in Citrus
Cellar in Ink
Cellar in Blossom
Cellar in Orange
Cellar in Pistachio
Cellar in Milk
Cellar in Red
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