Colour and Light Play — Introducing our 2020 Campaign

We’re excited to share with you our annual 2020 campaign. It’s a bright, fun and colourful exploration of our range seen in a fresh new way. Keep an eye out for our new Slice Tray and Wine Cup, amongst the rest of the Mud offering.

“My idea for the catalogue was to provide a counterpoint to our usual somewhat quieter design approach. This time we’ve deliberately avoided the obvious utilitarian nature of our pieces and instead played with the fragile perception of porcelain to create delicious tension and drama.  The result is loud, bold and dramatic and I love it.

Part of the pleasure of bringing the catalogue to life was working with Petrina Tinslay (photographer), Emma Knowles (foodstylist) and Alan Lippert (creative director). They’re all great people at the top of their game who I know really well. Collectively they bring a great energy which allows us to be a little more experimental and playful with our ideas”.

— Shelley Simpson


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