2021: Only the good bits.

From global launches to innovative sustainability projects, here’s a look at what we enjoyed and took pride in 2021. Without doubt it was a pretty tough year, with a lot of challenges, however difficult times also give us the opportunity to appreciate the support and care that both our customers and colleagues have shown us – for this we thank you.


As a continued evolution of our sustainability journey, we launched our Recycled Clay Collection, a Carbon Neutral product, made entirely from recycled clay and handmade in our Sydney studio. The trimmings and floor spills from our porcelain slip casting are collected, filtered and aged before being cast into new recycled product diverting 1,500L of clay from landfill annually. Each piece is worked on by 10 sets of hands to ensure a quality Mud fineness and finish then fired to vitrification at 1230°C. The surface is left unglazed and hand sanded to provide a smooth matte finish.

Recycled Clay


We introduced our zero waste terrazzo trivet collection, led by founder, Shelley Simpson’s passion towards innovative upcycling and minimization of waste.  Determined to create an inventive use for our broken ceramics, Shelley reached out to Brisbane based company, Five Mile Radius, to utilize broken porcelain pieces as aggregate in their upcycled concrete products to create a new take on terrazzo.



The launch of the Hive Vase. This new shape took form after our founder, Shelley Simpson, was inspired by Lee Mathews signature cocoon-shaped sleeves and dresses.  The vase flaunts an organic architecture with its dome silhouette, sturdy circular base and slight off-axis opening, which creates sculptural, floral arrangements with ease.

Hive Vase collaboration with Lee Mathews


Mud Australia presented Mud Talks 03: The Magic and Art of Beekeeping with Honey Fingers. Moderated by contemporary artist Stanislava Pinchuk, at At the Above Gallery in Fitzroy, Melbourne. The evening celebrated an exhibition of new sculptural works: Mud porcelain repurposed into beautiful artworks by Nic Dowse and his honeybees.

Honey FIngers


In celebration of NAIDOC Week 2021, we again partnered with our friends APY Art Centre Collective to expand on last year’s much sought-after collection. The newest collection demonstrated an increasing confidence with the ceramic medium.  Painted with some of the most sacred Tjukurpa (Dreaming Stories), the pieces were emotive and visually stunning.



We were so excited to open our newest location, situated on High St, Armadale. The former hairdressing salon has been transformed by Melbourne firm DesignOffice – who’ve created a space that is quietly confident and personable. Iconic Vitsoe shelving systems showcase our full range of handmade porcelain homewares whilst providing a warm and welcoming environment. Refined Barber Osgerby tables sit alongside Design Office’s bespoke joinery expertly crafted by JP Finsbury. The hero piece is a striking, large round table by Coco Flip which has a custom-made terrazzo top, produced by Five Mile Radius using Mud Australia waste porcelain pieces and upcycled concrete.



Last but not least, we settled into our new home. Our beautiful new space in Sydney’s Marrickville was completed. The highlight? Our kitchen – designed by architects Design Office, made by JP Finsbury and finished with Smeg appliances and Laminex Hi-Macs. Our new space is covered with solar panels and full of water tanks to help minimise our impact on the environment.

Our Studio

Shelley’s edit

Mud Australia founder and creative director, Shelley Simpson, shares her favourite pieces just in time for the holiday season. When it comes to gift giving, Shelley likes to focus on a single statement piece or something one off and extra special. Shop Shelley's edit: Water Jug in Wasabi Cheese Knife Vase Oval Large in Mist Wine Cup in Ink Pickle Bowl in Slate Tumbler Large in Pink Pebble Bowl Large in Ash Latte Cup in…
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Visual Essay 09 by Leif Prenzlau

As we slow down and decompress from the past year, we think it’s the perfect moment to share our latest visual essay by Sydney-based photographer, Leif Prenzlau. Leif was inspired by Post-Impressionist still life paintings. These striking images are beautifully lit to create a warm and calming mood. The use of shadow and saturated colour evoke a moment of pause and reflection – a nice place to be as we head into the new year.…
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How to Glaze a Ham with Feather and Bone

When it comes to a Christmas - Ham is the gift that keeps on giving. For all things concerning meat - we recommend finding your closest whole body butchery. Ours is Sydney's Feather and Bone. Feather and Bone are a butchery that pride themselves on their full transparency, short supply chains, pasture-raised and regenerative production. Laura Dalrymple of Feather and Bone shares her tips to glazing the perfect Christmas Ham below. Ingredients: 1 pasture-raised, Feather…
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Green Salad for All

While we're not sticklers for the ultra traditional Christmas spread, there's always a roast, some seafood and James' All Out Potato Salad and Citrus-y Green Salad. It's the perfect carb; salty, zingy and decadent. 1 radicchio or treviso 1 cos or gem lettuce 1 handful of parsley – destemmed – not chopped 2 tbsp lemon juice 2 tbsp red wine vinegar 6 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 6 tbsp lighter vegetable oil Salt & pepper…
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Take a seat — our tips to styling a festive lunch

This festive season we're motivated by a muted colour palette. In Australia the weather is warm so we indulge in a light and celebratory menu of ham, Oysters, Prawns and a few salads. Muted tones of Dust, Milk and Steel are the perfect starting point allowing you to add in a pop of colour. We suggest adding your festive tone via a trip to the florist. Deep red hydrangeas and foliage down the centre of…
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Spiced rum & lime crush

No matter if you’re a seasoned pro or novice, our Spiced Rum and Lime Crush, is bound to get your creativity and taste buds going. Let’s get started: 4 limes, quartered 2–3 tbsp coconut sugar or light brown sugar 1/2 cup mint leaves, plus extra sprigs to serve Spiced rum, to taste Ginger beer, to taste Crushed ice, to serve Serves 6 Crush the lime quarters, sugar and mint leaves in a Mortar & Pestle…
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Visual Essay 08 by Imogen Kwok

For our latest visual essay, we invite UK based artist and photographer Imogen Kwok to interpret our new piece - The Cellar. Kwok's work falls at the unique intersection of culture, design and cuisine. Imogen views food as more than a basic human necessity— she uses it as a visceral language to encourage comprehension through consumption. “The shape and function of The Cellar is both playful and useful; its sweet rounded curves and delicate lid…
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Mud Australia and Lee Mathews introduce the Hive Vase

The vase you didn't know you needed... Introducing the Hive Vase. This new shape took form after our founder, Shelley Simpson, was inspired by Lee Mathews signature cocoon-shaped sleeves and dresses.  The vase flaunts an organic architecture with its dome silhouette, sturdy circular base and slight off-axis opening, which creates sculptural, floral arrangements with ease. “I’ve been loving and wearing the Lee Mathews range for ages now and am particularly fond of the Cocoon Dress. Coincidentally, for…
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Carter Were’s Tomato and Bread Soup

Carter Were is a northern-rivers based cook, author and Mum of two. Her meals represent the joys of home cooking - fresh, vibrant and healthy foods that are as approachable and they are inspiring.  Carter shares with us her recipe for Tomato and Bread soup, captured on film, at home with her young family. Served perfectly in our Pebble Bowl medium in Duck Egg. For more of Carter's recipe's, or to pre-order her new cookbook…
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