Visual Essay 09 by Leif Prenzlau

As we slow down and decompress from the past year, we think it’s the perfect moment to share our latest visual essay by Sydney-based photographer, Leif Prenzlau. Leif was inspired by Post-Impressionist still life paintings. These striking images are beautifully lit to create a warm and calming mood. The use of shadow and saturated colour evoke a moment of pause and reflection – a nice place to be as we head into the new year.

“Photography means a number of things to me . Sometimes I love that it can be art or a feeling and other times a memory”

“My background is in commercial photography, predominantly in fashion and portrait. Although, I’ve recently been shooting more still life and really enjoying it; in a commercial sense as well as having the creative freedom to make something up as I go. With these images I definitely had post-impressionist still life works in mind. I love how they focussed on the most simple of subjects and brought such a warm and calming feeling, keeping the artwork subtle while still using bold colours. I guess my inspiration for this series was to try and portray these same feelings in an image.”

“I discovered photography through surfing with my friends growing up. While I was injured, I took photos of my friends surfing every afternoon after school.”

Visual Essay 07 by Saskia Wilson

For our latest visual essay, we invite Bondi-based photographer and educator Saskia Wilson to interpret our porcelain silhouettes. Wilson’s work is characterised by a reformed sense of balance, vibrancy, contemplation and authenticity. “I felt it was important to reduce the colours to a simple palette as a means of abstraction and to emphasise the ceramic shapes.” “My Grandma and Dad were both keen photographers, I was given my Grandma’s old SLR Yashica and fell in…
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Visual Essay No.5 | Nick Tsindos

For this visual essay, we’ve invited Sydney-based photographer and videographer Nick Tsindos to interpret our porcelain pieces. His eye for form, balance and composition resulted in a truly magical visual essay that took our breath away. Read more from Tsindos on this shoot and his creative process below. My journey into photography was born through living abroad, and just taking pictures of anything and everything. It slowly developed during my time studying performing arts in 2015 and…
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Visual Essay No. 4 | Patricia Niven

Patricia Niven is a London-based food photographer - her work conveys her philosophy of the interconnectedness of food, with the hope that it inspires others to have a greater awareness and appreciation of the relationship between the land, the producer and the preparer. This essay was shot in lockdown at Patricia's home in Clerkenwell, London in collaboration with stylist Agathe Gits. "My father was a long term photography enthusiast with a home darkroom first started…
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