Behind the Piece — The Pebble Story

Story: The Pebble Bowl Collection
Designed: 1999 – present
Sizes: Extra Large, Large, Medium, Cereal and Small
Colours: All 19 shades

The best things often hail from mistakes.

Our best-selling silhouette, the Pebble Bowl emerged from an experiment with a lighting piece. Shelley Simpson was prototyping a light for a well known department store, when the pebble shaped lamp base broke in two during firing, leaving a nicely dimensioned flat-bottomed bowl – and thus the Pebble was born!

Mud pieces emerge from need and are crafted by hand in Marrickville. Our series ‘Behind the Piece’ looks at the narrative behind each style and how they came to be.

The Pebble Bowl Extra Large was born after Shelley custom designed a sink for her home. This piece, whose large size pushes the technical boundaries of porcelain casting, has since become a versatile elegant go-to centre piece. Stack with your seasonal Autumn produce for the week, load up with oysters on ice, or keep on hand as a serving tray.

A hardworking piece, the original Pebble Bowl Large is a table-to-oven-to-table staple. The Pebble Bowl Large was really the beginning of #bakedinmud.  Shelley started using her Pebble Bowl Large to roast Sean Moran’s signature free-range herb chicken, and realised the shallow profile made it perfect to keep a chicken turning in the oven, while it’s beautiful shape meant no serving dish was needed. This piece works equally well for fruit, salad and desserts.

The Pebble Bowl Medium was initially designed as a request for clever everyday serving bowls that stacked for a yacht. They’ve well and truly found their land legs, and have since become one of our best-selling pieces. Like it’s larger friend, the Pebble Bowl Medium can also be used as an oven-to-table serving piece.

Designed for stability, the Pebble Bowl Cereal was a solution for Shelley’s son, Spencer when he was little. She wanted a bowl that was weighted, low-profile and easy for a child to eat solo from.

The smallest piece in the series, the Pebble Bowl Small was made as a complementary serving or side dish; perfect for holding the cheese for your pasta or raita for your curry.

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